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All our Australian business websites have mobile viewing on iPhone's, iPads, Tablets and Smartphones powerful 24/7 promotionsWelcome Australian Small Business Owners:
Important Mobile Viewing
As I have mentioned in many of my articles to be able to successfully compete on a level playing field in what is a rapidly expanding and competitive local and global market every option for your business website to be seen by prospective customers, must be put in place then it’s up to you to convert them to paying customers!

New Generation Of Online Users

Mobile Viewers: Their is now a generation of online users who utilise one if not two of the the following ways of searching for products and services; iPads, iPhone’s, Tablets, Android and Smartphones and they look at Business Websites regularly on one of the above mentioned options rather than wait till they get home to view what they are searching for on their laptop or PC.
Yes! They use their mobile phones, tablets or iPads.
All our websites at Australian Rent To Own Business Website Rentals have been viewable on mobile phones etc, since 2010.

Technology WordPress CMS Plugins

Viewable On All Devices: As WordPress CMS evolves so has the creation of plugins that enhance your website on Tablets, iPads, iPhone’s and Smartphones, assuring that your website is viewable and therefore able to be accessed worldwide 24 hours a day 7 days a week irrespective of where you reside.
Some plugins are better than others and of course certain plugins work better based on the style or theme of the website and your business products or services.
Their are even WordPress themes today that when your website is viewed on a mobile telephone there is a one click mode where prospective clientele can actually call you and your business without even entering your website.

Demographics Of Your Business Market

Your Business Marketplace: Definitely an 18 to 35 years old market where they have a good understanding of the applications and options that modern mobile telephones offer and is expanding at a rapid rate.
Commuters are a fast growing market especially those who travel more than 15 minutes on community services such as trains and buses, and of course now train services in certain areas offer free wireless internet for commuters, an added incentive to use public transport.
So understanding your marketplace and the demographics is important to deciding the design and functions of your website especially if it is to attract customers to your business.
We have and continue to research, test, evaluate themes, styles and plugins to improve our websites online presence in today’s modern and continually expanding marketplace.

Your Local Marketplace

Australian small business websites offer a Marketing Kick Start online promotion simply join our Facebook GroupBusiness Location: It is even more important that you choose the correct theme and it’s functions to maximise your online presence and capture more clients.
We utilise Superb Business Themes that can actually set a geographical map of where your business is situated where you can include the actual address of your business.
What this means is that when a prospective client goes to a search engine and types in a local address or postal code your website has a better chance of being on the first page of that search engine.

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As I mentioned in my article called Business Website Misnomer that a website should be considered as one piece in the puzzle of promoting your business and not relied on totally for sales.
If you are creating a totally online business then your promotional tactics are limited therefore all of the above mentioned must be implemented and reviewed constantly as technology advances on a daily basis.

Business Website Planning: We hope that this article has given you a little insight into business websites, plus how important preparation and understanding the exact purpose of your business website is plus how it can affect your business and it’s online success.
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Smaller businesses whether they are established or a start up business have the opportunity to rent initially and then own their business website is a major savings especially for newer or start up businesses with a limited budget.

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