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About Website Planning


Welcome Australian Small Business Owners:
Planning your business website is imperative to it's online success so find out howPlanning Your Business Website – If you are an Australian small business owner who has decided to have your business website built to advertise and promote your goods, products, services, important contact details and business location then please take the time to read this article carefully to assure your business websites success.
REMEMBER: Your Website Hosting and Domain Name are included in your Rent To Own Business Website.

BUSINESS WEBSITE PREPARATION: In the past most small business owners have been totally reliant on their website builder to create their business website.
Yes of course that is their expertise but more importantly you as the owner of your business must realise that you know your business far better than the website builder ever will, so where am I going with this?

A BUSINESS WEBSITE PLAN: Astute business people always have a Business Plan before starting their business and building a successful Business Website also requires planning!
Prospective business owners spend quality time on their plan before launching their business. Then as their business gets underway they add some fine new touches and adjustments to improve their businesses ongoing success.

Viable Information Planning

VIP: So as Business Website Builders what are some of the main issues we have come across In creating a Business Website that will function as our customers wish;

  • The biggest problem is a lack of clear cut information…
  • Images that have no titles to define exactly what they are…
  • Precise articles on goods, products and services…
  • Prioritising their relevant information…
  • What they want from their business website…
  • and many more…

Unfortunately little if any business website planning means that very little information is readily available with which to create your business website.
To assure you know what we need Business Website Rentals suggest you visit our Request Form which has exact details on what you need to supply plus read other articles like this one to assure all our customers know exactly how a business website works and what they need to supply so that we can create you a successful business website.

Business Website Rentals

The following is a list with suggestions of how and what you need to select and prepare as important components in ensuring we create you a successful business website.
DOMAIN NAMES: Select three Domain Names and prioritise 1-3
ABOUT PAGE: Prepare an About Page with images
YOUR BUSINESS: Write an introduction to your products and services
ARTICLES: Prepare articles to cover products and services
VIP! FINE PRINT: Terms and Conditions which will apply to your products and services
IMAGES: Select images to use to promote your products and services, your business logo and images for your website based which of our professional themes you select remember to always name your images correctly.
SOCIAL MEDIA: We suggest you prepare at least four (4) social media accounts. Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter others to consider are Instagram, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, there are many more, but of course products and services need to be taken into consideration when it comes to selecting your social media advertising and promotions.
HOMEPAGE: Think seriously about the layout of your homepage once you have selected from one of our SUPERB BUSINESS THEMES as first impressions are always important, think about what your clients would like to see first that will entice them to enter and visit your business website.
Australian small business websites offer a Marketing Kick Start online promotion simply join our Facebook GroupFEED BACK: Be open to giving us feed back plus remember the sooner we get the information the quicker we can finish your business website.

Marketing Kick Start Offer so that they can advertise online their business along with important contact and location details, conditions apply…
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FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Your Business Website can only be as good as the information and feed back that we receive, past experience has shown us that lack of preparation means we cannot create exactly what our clientele want, simply because they don’t know exactly what they want and how to achieve it. This is why business website planning is so important!
When preparing articles about your business and what’s on offer it’s wise to offer concise and precise details. The importance of image selection, remember a picture is worth a thousand words on a business website it could be worth thousands of dollars.


Smaller businesses whether they are established or a start up business have the opportunity to rent initially and then own their business website is a major savings especially for newer or start up businesses with a limited budget.

How To Rent To Own Your Business Website


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Remember No Binding Contracts: Our Business Website Rentals have no binding contracts and you may rescind your business website at any time.

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OUR MISSION: We maintain our belief that every business should own a Business Website hence our Rent To Own option, one that gives business owners who wish to purchase their website, the chance to do so after Twelve (12) Months allowing them the time to budget before taking ownership, in case it takes a little longer that’s no problem at all as it’s available anytime after 12 months.
Importantly: Our Monthly Business Website Rentals are designed to successfully give your business a foot in the door to a successful online presence. Conditions may apply.

So Let Us Help You Get YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE NOW Wherever You Are Globally!
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