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About Website Indexing

Why Your Business Website Must Be Indexed

All our Australian business websites are indexed in Google and Bing along with other important SEO featuresWelcome Australian Small Business Owners:
Website Indexing
– To understand website indexing you need to go back to basics of promotion. As an example if you own a shop on a main road people will walk past and if they like what they see they pop in, you can then use your sales skills to sell the customer your product or service. So the success of your business relies on what is called foot traffic and so the location of your business is important.

Online Business Promotions

The Internet: Being online is now considered as high on the priority list to promote businesses, their products, goods, services, important details and location.
I have built some beautiful websites over the years that little or no one ever saw, in fact I had more than 20 websites that very few people ever visited.
Why was that?

Business Website Awareness: Before continuing I would like to share something very important about websites! Having a website is only one important part of an arsenal of successful promotional and marketing activities to get your business or idea out there online.
The Internet doesn’t just have people walking past like a shop; in fact you may have the best product in the world and a fantastic website design but never get one visitor to your website.
So the question is how do you get people to visit your website?
There is not one clear and precise answer to the above question in fact their are thousands of possibilities depending on your businesses products, service, demographics, location to name a few.
But in saying that there is a starting point to getting visitors to your website!

Indexing Your BUSINESS Website

There are companies out there charging serious money to index websites and that’s their business.
We as website builders include indexing in our all our Rent To Own Business Website Rentals websites. Of course indexing is very important but it is not the only factor involved in having an important number of visitors to your website.

Word Of Mouth: My businesses I had in the 70’s, 80, and 90’s revolved around two basic methods of promotion, “Business Cards” and the best of all “Word of Mouth” especially if you offered good service. Yes it worked back then but with today’s technology “Social Media” is now the word of mouth and yes we still us business cards, but the rest has totally changed.

Search Engines: What’s good to know is that statistically most people visit web sites by searching for them in a search engine. The funny thing is, that even if someone knows your URL or website address, they still type it into a search engine.

Google and Bing: Currently the number one search engine is Google followed by Bing which is Yahoo but there are a phenomenal number of search engines. So people will type your Business Websites URL into the search box and press enter. If your business website is not indexed then the search engine they are using will not pick up your website, but be assured one of your competitors will be there for sure.


To assure your website will be seen on search engines the first step is to get your business website indexed. Our websites include indexing and other SEO techniques which we include in the price of all our WordPress CMS website offers through Rent To Own Business Website Rentals.

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Final Note: A website is an advertising/marketing/promotional tool, one of many required to successfully promote your business. A successful website needs to be able to promote firstly then close the deal, but none of this is possible if several other key promotional activities aren’t implemented.


Smaller businesses whether they are established or a start up business have the opportunity to rent initially and then own their business website is a major savings especially for newer or start up businesses with a limited budget.

How To Rent To Own Your Business Website


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